It All Comes Down to the Chemistry

by The Amoeba People

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Written for our friends at the American Chemical Society, when you break it all down, it really does come down to the chemistry.


Chemistry—the foundation of all science
Evolving through the ages on the shoulders of giants
Bringing us up to the modern day
A complicated world with a lot at stake

It’s time to let my fingers do the walking
Through a chemical journal where the science does the talking
Clicking through the pages and what do I see?
It all comes down to the chemistry

From the surface of the Earth to the atmosphere
When you break it down one thing is clear
It all comes down to the chemistry
It all comes down to the chemistry
From the depths of the ocean into outer space
From bacteria to the human race
It all comes down to the chemistry
It all comes down to the chemistry

Chillin with my peeps from the ACS
Keeping track of a climate that is in distress
Atmospheric gases in a game of chess
Handling this data takes a lot of finesse

Earth and space chemistry
Affects both you and me
Got to get the world to see
It all comes down to the chemistry

Just where would this world be
If we didn’t understand it’s chemistry
Just where would we all be
Without a little, a little chemistry

No breakfast (chemistry in the kitchen)
No medicine (no way to soothe your itchin)
No laundry (your clothes will be stinkin)
No creativity (cause your brain won’t be thinkin)
No love (not without dopamine)
No make believe (not without a movie screen)
No cell phones (not without satellites)
No night clubs (not without burning lights)



released April 1, 2017
written by ray hedgpeth
performed by the amoeba people


all rights reserved



The Amoeba People Lakewood, California

The Amoeba People are musical ambassadors from the Planet Crouton, here to learn about our world, to unravel the wonders of its natural history, to study the life which inhabits it and to parse the mysteries of the human species by learning its dance moves. The band consists of Mr. Hedgpeth (captain), Mr. Jordan (navigator), and Mr. Mosley (engineer and technician). ... more

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