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Chicxulub, there is a crater down in Chicxulub
Don’t be a hater, brother, don’t be rude
It’s only Chixculub

Chicxulub, there is a crater down in Chicxulub
One hundred million megatons of doom
Came down with a boom

Oh, it happened in the late Cretaceous
And it’s impact was bodaceous
When that asteroid hit

Oh, a giant fireball lit up the sky
Oceans boiled and the creatures fried
And there was nowhere to hide

Megatsunamis scrubbed clean every shore in the vicinity of the impact site!

It was unlike anything those dinosaurs had ever see,

Chicxulub, what a disaster, brother
Chicxulub, destructive like no other
Chicxulub, oh what a bummer it was

Chicxulub, apocalyptic it was
Chicxulub, nothing cryptic
Just a crash and boom
And then planet-wide doom

Oh, yes it slammed into the Yucatan
Which became a giant frying pan
Cooking the atmosphere

Oh, a cloud of CO2 blocked out the Sun
Ash and fire rained on everyone
And there was nowhere to run

The only survivors were those who could dig or dive to the depth of the sea

A dubious distinction that was caused by mass extinction
In that fiery global foundry call the K-Pg boundary
Where the dinosaurs they will dine no more, yeah, uh-huh

Chicxulub, there is a crater down in Chicxulub
Don’t be a hater, brother, don’t be rude
It’s only Chicxulub

Chicxulub, it seems so docile down in Chicxulub
Nothing but fossils now are left of those creatures long gone
Forever those creatures are gone! (repeat)


from The Fossil Record, released May 10, 2019
drums, shakers, bongos, whistle, and other assorted percussion: dustin jordan
bass, background vocals (a.k.a. the "wall of mose"): ryan mosley
guitars, vocals: ray hedgpeth

words and music by ray hedgpeth
2019 Improbable Futon Music ASCAP


all rights reserved



The Amoeba People Lakewood, California

The Amoeba People are musical ambassadors from the Planet Crouton, here to learn about our world, to unravel the wonders of its natural history, to study the life which inhabits it and to parse the mysteries of the human species by learning its dance moves. The band consists of Mr. Hedgpeth (captain), Mr. Jordan (navigator), and Mr. Mosley (engineer and technician). ... more

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